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Ai means love... these Ai pillows are filled with organic flax seeds and lovely lavender buds*.  Heat in the microwave for 10sec increments to a comfortable warmth and rest on eyes for a peaceful relaxation session for 15 mins.   Placed in the freezer for a cooling effect.  The outer sleeve is removable for washing.   Choose from our 3 colour soothing print options.  It is about time to give yourself and others some love...

Organic Lavender Ai Pillows

Fabric Selection
  • Features

    • Approx 4" by 9"
    • Premium Japanese quilting cotton 
    • Outer sleeve is hand and machine washable
    • Made in Canada


    • 100% Cotton outer
    • Filled with Organic Flax Seeds and Organic Lavender
    • Exlusive of Trim

    PLEASE NOTE:  Heat only to a comfortable warmth,  do not place on eyes/face if too hot.  Massage seeds around to distribute heat evenly.  Do not wash the inside pillow.


  • Due to the nature of the product, we do not provide exchanges, returns or refunds.  Please notify us if there are any product defects or errors prior to use.  Thank you for your understanding!

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