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  • What are the mask dimensions for each size?
    Please adjust elastic lengths just enougth to eliminate any gaping. Take care not to adjust too tightly as to cause discomfort. PLEATED STYLE MASKS Pleated masks offer the most universal fit. If you are uncertain what size to get, we suggest going for the size up. There is quite an overlap in terms of how the masks can fit. Our Adult size fits larger than most brands to offer the greatest coverage. If you would like ot insert a surgical mask inside the mask, then choose "ADULT". Approximate dimensions: Adult with Ties: 8.5" by 6.5" Adult with Elastic head or ear loops: 8" by 6" Adult Petite (or youth 10 yrs +) with Ties: 7" by 5.5" Adult Petite (or youth 10yrs +) with Elastic: 6.5" by 5.25" Kids with Ties: 6.5" by 5.5" Kids with Elastic: 6" by 5.25" Mini Kids with elastic: 5" by 4" OLSEN STYLE MASKS These are also called "shaped" masks and require a more specific fit. Please note, some do come with nose wires. If a wire is needed, please add a note for special request. L/XL Or ADULT : 10" wide by 6.5" (height at centre of face) S/M Or ADULT PETITE: 9" wide by 5.5" height at centre of face
  • What are the different strap/elastic styles?
    All the different strap styles and mask styles can get confusing. Below we provide some details on each type. We hope this helps you navigate the mask wearing world. As much as we can describe them, in the end, you may need to try different ones to see what's best for you in each situation. COMFY TIES/FABRIC TIES By far the most comfortable strap option and provides the best fit and coverage. This is our signature style, the stretchy and comfortable ties bind around the mask, creating a great contour around the face. There are 2 pairs of ties that go around the back fo the head. One tied higher at ear level and the other behind the neck. The ties are versatile that you can experiment with different ways of tying including coverting to ear loops. Who is is best for? This is best for those who need to wear masks for longer periods and that do not require taking on and off. Also great for that long trip to the grocery store. Offers comfort and security of fit. ELASTIC HEAD LOOP We recommend the elastic head loop as the perfect balance between comfort and convenience! It is easy to take on and off, once you practice once! The elastic comes with extra length so you can re-tie to fit you best. Unless otherwise noted, these come in the fine rounded elastic that provide just enough tension to hold the mask without pressure around the head. The elastic is one long loop that loops around your head at ear level and lower on the base of the head. You can also experiment with different ways to wear these. This is becoming our fav just because it feels great and is very convenient. Who is it best for? This one is the most versatile, so we would recommend it for most cases. Great for those who need to wear a mask for long periods since they do not hurt your ears. They also work great for trips to stock up on groceries. If you are new to wearing masks and unsure what to get, try these out! They can always be converted to ear loops by cutting and tying to size. ELASTIC EAR LOOPS (FINE ELASTIC EAR LOOPS) Elastic ear loops are actually very popular due to their super ease of use and perhaps most familiar format. They look most siimilar to common disposable masks. They are by far the easiest and quickest to put on and off. Unless otherwise noted, these will be made with our fine round elastics. We tried out dozens of elastics and these are lowest in tension but hold the masks up well. We have added Cushysoft and Fuzzysoft Ear loop options that provide even better COMFORT around the ears (SEE BELOW). A tunnel style design for the loops allow you to tie and adjust the length that fits right for you. We decided against toggles in order to avoid adding extra plastic waste. Who is it best for? Ear loops are great for those who prefer a lower profile. The cushysoft and fuzzysoft elastics provide great comfort for long period wear. Also ideal for those who need to take their masks on and off quickly. We find them great to have some handy by the doorway at home in case you have to greet anyone on the fly. FUZZYSOFT ELASTICS These are 5mm wide elastics that have a fuzzy and soft feel. That's how they got their name. They are very comfortable and we recommend them especially if you prefer to use ear loops. CUSHYSOFT ELASTICS These are 5mm wide and are very soft and comfortable. They over the same awesome level of comfort as the fuzzysofts but are CUSHY instead of FUZZY. They come in black and are the most popular as an ear loop option.
  • How do I care for my masks?
    Remove copper wiring through the small opening at the top edge of the mask before washing. These masks should be washed after each use in hot soapy water by hand or machine using a mesh or laundry bag. Hang or machine dry. Iron masks for best results. For elastics that have separated from the masks or to change an elastic, you can re-insert an elastic through with either the copper wire or a paper clip by forming a small loop at one end and feeding through from the lower end of the tunnel. A pair of needle nose pliers would be helpful in bending the wire appropriately.
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