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Designing a perfect mask

Emerging from the fashion industry, our founder understood the need for a cloth mask that feels great, fits great, and looks great!  Our signature masks with ties went through countless prototypes to get one that offers great coverage without gaping and fits comfortably.  Styles with filter pouch gives the wearer the options to add more security.  The removable elegant copper wires ensure there be no more foggy glasses!  Masks with non-removable wires are not very usable after several wears.  The removable aspect allows you to keep the mask in use for much longer!  Made with premium quilting cotton, deadstock, poly-hybrid materials and organic cotton we are proud of our creations.

Not only that, but we also wanted to create something that does great.....

Answering the call....cloth mask donations

As a Toronto manufacturer for Canadian designer clothing, when COVID measures began, we found our orders were being canceled and staff asked to stay home.  A dear friend invited us to join the sewing army group.  We were inspired by the thousands of volunteers working their magic making masks and cutting each by hand.  Meanwhile, we knew there was a more efficient way, we decided to put our resources to use, selecting suitable deadstock fabric and cut thousands of masks to make kits to donate to the community mask makers.

Today, we continue to make masks for community donations.  We do not require any purchases to buy one to give one.  We will continue to donate upon request, regardless of sales. 

10% of all sales will be donated to The 519 Community Centre in Toronto, which supports local LGBTQ2S+ communities.

Minimizing our eco-footprint

We believe in a sustainable planet and wish, instead of the disposable masks, that these cloth masks can be a great reusable item to reduce the number of masks going to the landfill.  The use of our deadstock materials, as well as organic options, help to reduce the impact on our environment.  The removable allows for the sustainable use of the mask.  We are also committed to the reduction of plastic usage by sourcing plant-based packaging and using copper nose wires.

Thank you for visiting.  We hope you enjoy these masks.  

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